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Steps we're taking to help the environment

Grid Interactivity

We reduce energy usage at peak demand hours when the grid is most carbon intensive, helping to avoid running fossil fuel power plants.

Energy Efficiency

We track and take active steps to reducing our carbon footprint, and comply with the Climate Mobilization Act in order to reduce our carbon emissions by 2.5% per year through 2030 by:

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Eliminating waste through data-driven energy management

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Making energy efficiency upgrades, such as LED lighting

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Switching to cleaner fuels for heating and cooling

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Offsetting remaining carbon footprint

What is the GEB initiative?

GEB (Grid-interactive Energy-efficient Buildings) is a program created by the Department of Energy to help make buildings smarter about the energy they use and their carbon footprint. GEB climate leaders save money, reduce their carbon emissions, and improve the electrical grid’s ability to handle high-demand times.

Learn more about the initiative here.

Get Involved

Building Owners and Managers

Logical Buildings works with building owners and managers to reduce carbon by operating buildings with data-driven energy efficiency goals linked to monetary rewards.

At Home

With GridRewards — an award-winning, free app that tells you when and how to reduce your energy usage — you can earn cash payments and reduce your ConEd bill all year round!

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